The Film Festival Turkey  Germany is the most important festival in Germany for the intercultural dialogue between German and Turkish cinema. Every year it presents feature films, short films and documentaries from both countries, offering to the audiences a unique overview of current filmmaking in Germany and Turkey.

Film and television are the leading media of our time. When suitably presented, they can reach the widest possible audience, including those who are far removed from reading. Feature films invite viewers to imagine themselves in foreign worlds and characters. They bring unknown realities of life closer and are often closer to the pulse of time than, for example, novels. This makes films and film festivals to such an important social medium that can also help to reduce the social distance between people of different origins and break down mutual prejudices.

The  Film Festival Turkey Germany aims to create a common platform of discourse for cultural groups of different descent through the aesthetic and informative means of cinema. It aims to provide new inspiration to cultural mediators from both cultures and to promote exchange and cooperation among filmmakers from both countries.

For its successful work, the festival was awarded with one of the cultural prizes of the City of Nuremberg in 1995 and the Media Prize of the Ankara International Film Festival in 2006.

As the most important collaborative platform of cinemas from Turkey and Germany, we offer a festival program that entertains, inspires reflections, and informs.

The program of the Film Festival Turkey Germany is divided into three sections

  • The focus of the program is the feature film competition, in which eight films from Turkey and Germany will be presented to an international jury. Prizes will be awarded for the best feature film, the best actress, the best actor and the audience award.
  • The short film competition with prizes for the best three short films.
  • The cinemascapes, which offer feature films and documentaries from the two countries, representative of the respective cinema.

In addition to the mentioned prizes, the Öngören Film Award for Human Rights and Democracy will be awarded to one of the festival's films.